“Infanticide is on the rise in Karachi, with a nearly 400 percent increase in the number of bodies found in different areas and hospitals in the city over a period of five years. From January 2017 to March 2022, as many as 563 unknown children were found dead in Karachi of whom 397 were baby boys and 166 were baby girls.”

(Source: Edhi Foundation as quoted by Dawn News)

Abandoned infants are sometimes recovered from junkyards, graveyards, and other isolated places where people feel the risk of being caught by the police is low. Abandoned children who survive abandonment but who do not make it to orphanages or charitable organizations are sold to childless couples or are trafficked to interested parties.

What we know about child abandonment in Pakistan:

  • Due to the threat of social ostracization abortions are preferred over abandonment;
  • Abandonment happens in environments where chances of child survival is nil;
  • Child trafficking is common as abandoned infants are sold to childless couples;

There is a lack of statistical information on abandonment as only dead infants found are reported.

The Adoption Program

Established in 2012, the Adoption Program was Imkaan’s very first project with the goal of ensuring that children abandoned at birth are provided emergency healthcare if needed, sheltered in a secure and loving environment, and then placed with forever families.

Medical Examination of Children and Commitment by Imkaan

All children under Imkaan’s care through the Adoption Program are provided with a comprehensive medical examination with registered practitioners. Detailed dossiers on the health needs of each individual child are maintained so that their adoptive families may be better prepared to meet their specific needs adequately. Some children may present with complicated health issues, including being innocent carriers of contagious or life-threatening diseases, and therefore experience a harder time being adopted. Imkaan is committed to finding every abandoned infant a loving home with loving families who are willing and ready to undertake the care of children with different needs.

Screening of Families and Application Process

While these children are tended by the staff, both physically and emotionally, potential adoptive parents are screened and prepared by Imkaan’s own qualified team of clinicians and social workers to eventually receive them into their homes. Imkaan’s lawyers work closely with those seeking to adopt to ensure due diligence in the legal process. They also advise prospective parents on pertinent matters such as setting up a trust fund for the child or children they adopt.

For families and individuals who hope to build or complete their family through adoption, please fill out the form below. Please note that it may take up to two years for your application to be processed. If your application is selected, Imkaan will contact you directly.

Prospective Parent Form
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