Solid Waste Management

As an informal settlement, Machar Colony does not receive any municipal services, including sanitation services and solid waste collection and disposal. This has resulted in garbage-laden streets and illnesses related to a lack of sanitation in the community.

Pasban -e- Mahaul

Pasban -e- Mahaul, is a solid waste management project that focuses on providing support to the community by collecting garbage door-to-door, segregating and disposing it off to government designated areas in other parts of the city. This project aims to keep the streets of the community garbage free and provides a clean environment for children to play and grow up in.

From 2015 to 2020, this initiative catered to approximately 300 homes. Sanitary workers and a garbage collector were hired from within the community to manage door-to-door garbage collection.  Through the program, the workers were able to collect approximately 1965 kg of solid waste every day, with 80% being green waste.

Pasban -e- Mahaul served the Machar Colony community for 5 years; this low-cost business initiative was then handed over to community members to run with Imkaan providing support where necessary.

Community awareness and participation is a core component of each of Imkaan Welfare Organization’s projects. Learn more about this initiative here.