– Founder & Director

Tahira Hasan

Tahera Hasan, Founder and Director of Imkaan Welfare Organization, is a lawyer (LLB) specializing in Family Law. She deals with domestic and international adoption cases, custody cases, divorce, khula matters, and family settlements. Tahera is highly experienced in litigation connected with children’s issues. She has expertise in the rules of child welfare, with a strong understanding of child growth and development and the principles and techniques of child welfare services. Tahera has assisted foreign courts in navigating the Pakistan Adoption process by rendering opinions, giving affidavits, and providing all other related documentation. She has also assisted courts in Karachi in understanding the process for international adoption and the process of home studies conducted in applicants’ home countries.


Ms. Hasan’s legal work also focuses on advisory vocation in media and entertainment-related matters, as well as on corporate matters regarding the structuring of IP rights and litigation relating to copyrights, trademarks, designs, advertising, merchandising and unfair competition. Tahera has been involved in several acquisitions and joint ventures in the music and publishing industries as well as in the launch of TV and radio stations.

All of Imkaan’s projects addressing issues ranging from Legal Rights to Mental Health and Children’s Recreation have been conceived, initiated, and implemented with Tahera’s guidance and thoughtful supervision. Tahera is a tireless advocate of stateless communities in Pakistan and involved in numerous awareness raising initiatives especially around the experiences of Bengali stateless communities. In addition to her work with Imkaan Welfare Organization, Tahera is also the Founder of Karachi Adoption Resource Centre, which provides guidance and support in all child adoption related matters and aims to remove the stigma around adoption.

Tahera Hasan is a Commonwealth Scholar and the recipient of the Ruth Pfau award for ownership by IAM Karachi (2017) and the Commonwealth Point of Light Award (2022).


Parvez Akhtar

– Assistant Director, Operations

Umme Salma Hamdani

– Senior Manager, Fundraising & Strategy

Hassan Ali Shigri

– Manager Finance & Administration,

Hiba Thobani

– Supervisor, Legal Aid Project

Shamshad Akhtar

– Supervisor, Maternal Health Initiative

Dr. Samina Kanwar

– Supervisor, Mother & Child Healthcare Centre

Ayesha Sami

- Lead Psychosocial Counsellor, Mental Health Clinic

Nasira Khan

– Project Coordinator, Khel